Blog Posts

  1. Data Quality at Airbnb - Airbnb detail how they've approached gaining traction on improving data quality.
  2. How to Build a Production Grade Workflow with SQL Modelling - As a DBT user it's interesting to see how other companies are adopting the tool. Shopify's approach to materialize every model as a view on every commit is simple and powerful.
  3. Data mesh: it's not about tech, it's about ownership and communication - ThoughtWorks provide a nice overview framing the data mesh as a people problem.
  4. Building a Gigascale ML Feature Store with Redis, Binary Serialization, String Hashing, and Compression - Feature Stores have been grabbing my attention recently. This post details how DoorDash scaled their Feature Store. It contains a comprehensive comparison of the approaches they tried before settling on Redis.


  1. Keeping A Bigeye On The Data Quality Market - Episode 160 - An interesting conversation covering the whole data quality space. Inlcuding the transition from data quality into data observability and data monitoring. I particularly liked the conversation contrasting proactive and reactive approaches.